It’s challenging to make a shopfront that stands out on the high street. There are only so many ways you can keep revamping your signage until you’re out of ideas completely, right? But these days, with advances in technology, lots of innovative ideas can tempt loads of customers through your door!

Make sure customers know where to go

You might use loads of great signage in the lead-up to a customer entering your business – a billboard on the pavement or signs on the road. But when they’re approaching your business or even inside it, how will your customers know where to go?

Be helpful to customers by showing them where to go. Use light-up arrows, or place a bright sign in your window. Gone are the boring “Open” sign on the door! Check out our services today.

Showcase your products

Traditionally, window-dressing was a key marketing gimmick. This is still true for many businesses. However, if you modernise your windows with signage, you’ll really stand out from the crowd!

Why not illuminate your products night and day with lightboxes or rear neon lighting? This trick is a surefire way to catch your customers’ eyes no matter what time it is. Or position large signs behind your products. 

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Give your shopfront a theme

As you walk down the high street, you’ll spot a rainbow of colours. Every business seems to have its theme! Any clash with this theme can help a promotion or event stand out -but may appear jarring. This is no way to lure a customer in the door!

So, it can help to give your shopfront a theme. Pick the primary colour (or two) and use neutral muted background colours, but be careful not to go overboard. Feel free to use brighter colours for temporary signage, like events or sales, but always return to your theme colours. 

Use a pavement board

They’re not just for cafés! Pavement signage can be a great way to tempt customers through the door. Whether it’s a quick sale, a once-in-a-lifetime deal, or an everything-must-go clearance, a catchy slogan or attention-grabbing image can go a long way in making passersby feel like they’d be missing something big if they don’t go through your door today!

Open your doors

Sure, the door to your business is metaphorically always open. But why don’t you literally open your doors? Physically opening your doors can be a great way to entice customers into your business. Think of grand openings – decadent, luxurious events that allow owners to show off the best things about their new business. Though you can’t exactly hold a grand opening every day, illuminate your windows with welcoming graphics and attractive colours to invite people right in. You could even hold open evenings, product demonstrations, sales, or other events.

Show off your door

Your door is as much a part of your store as anything else, right? We think so. So why shouldn’t it look as good as the rest of your store? Add some detailing to the window for some subtle decoration, or place a sticker of your logo. Use signage to make your door look like a portal to another dimension or make it suit your business. If you sell books, why not make them look like a bookcase? Or make your door into a big business card, with your business’ name, opening hours, and website etched into the glass.

Your door is the focal point of your business and one of the first things that a customer will see up close. So, make it work for you!

Jazz up your interior

Sure, your customers may not be in the door yet. But they can see in through the windows as they pass! So, do up your interiors for people walking by. You could use bright colours and large bold fonts for your promotions, equally as accessible for the people inside as outside.

Offer free samples

There’s nothing better than a free sample, right? So, any time that business is slow why not stand at the door of your business and offer free samples to the people passing by? This could be mints, surplus tiling, or just a business card. Better yet, force people to come in and have a look around before reaching the sample station. Set up some prominent signage to highlight what you are doing, and people will flock!

We’re in!

Have you ever come across a store so dimly lit that you weren’t sure whether it was open or not? Don’t let this happen to your business. Lighting is vital for security, but this isn’t the only purpose. When you are open, make it clear that you are; turn the lights on inside and put your signage out. Illuminate your signs, making them explicit for your customers to read.

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