A: Your logo should be supplied as a vector pdf, eps or ai. All other artwork sent through should be converted to outlines. Images should be supplied to Apex Signage at 300dpi minimum. Artwork should also be supplied with 10mm bleed all around the design. We offer free advice on artwork so any queries you may need you can just contact us. If you can’t organise artwork, Apex offers Graphic Design, charged at $50+GST for half an hour. A good thing to keep in mind is “If you are not able to open it on your computer, that is probably the file we need.”
A: This can vary depending on the project but generally Apex Signage can have your signs ready in between 3-5 days from Artwork Approval. Vehicle wraps, Lightboxes and larger projects can take up to 10 working days from artwork sign off.
A: Vehicles need to be thoroughly cleaned prior to application of graphics to them. If the vehicle hasn’t been cleaned there is a car wash across the road, Apex can organise this for additional costs. For your shop front or windows, we requires the windows to be cleaned and free of any existing signage or pieces of paper prior to applying graphics to them. Apex can remove existing signage and graphics at additional costs.
A: If you want to try it yourself, start by cleaning the surface being applied to thoroughly with an alcohol based cleaner and then use slightly soapy water sprayed onto the surface to assist in applying the sticker successfully. Locate your sticker in the correct position and orientation (the water will allow you to move the sticker). Push all the water out from behind the graphic with a squeegee, then leave the application paper in place for about 30 minutes, or until the area is dry, and then carefully peel it away. There are plenty of youtube videos around demonstrating graphic application.
A: Yes and no. If there is an existing sign already in place we can normally replace it without permits. Also if the sign is on your own property or on your own building, in most instances you don’t need a permit. However, we always advise that it is better to be safe then sorry. Apex Signage can help obtain the necessary permits for the Council. Our staff will prepare all required drawing and plans to get your signage approved. Costs for this can be discussed with Nick or another member of staff.
A: Generally speaking, most sign boards come delivered to us at 2440x1220mm, although we can cut the boards to any size to cater to your requirements. Oversized sheets are available up to 4000x2000mm