Tips On Building A Brand

Your brand is more than a logo or catchy tagline. It’s a combination of impressions and experiences that people have with your business. When you launch a business, it is important to know how to build a brand. Identifying your target market and brand personality are as crucial to brand building as designing a logo. 

Professionally crafted signage can add an immediately recognisable quality to your brand.

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In this brand build guide, we cover some key steps that are essential for developing your brand, as well as successfully building your brand using signage.

Identify Your Target Market For Your Brand Build

Before you build your brand, you must be able to identify and understand your target market – Ask yourself:

  • Who will need or want your product?
  • Do they purchase similar products from competitors?

You can learn about your target market in a variety of ways, such as researching your competitors on Google or following relevant social media platforms. Talk to people in your target market/industry niche and ask them about their favourite brands and places to shop.

The information you gather can help you decide the best type of signage for your brand. For example, a roadside billboard would alert travellers to a bed and breakfast. Display signage could attract shoppers to promotional offers.

Develop Your Brand Personality

A key element to successful a brand build and development is bringing your brand to life is by giving it it’s own personality.

One way to identify your brand’s personality is to imagine your brand as a person. What types of people would be attracted to your brand? Is it informal and fun or reserved and businesslike?

retail signage for kynd & wylde
Retail Signage done by Apex for Kynd & Wylde

When building brands, signage can convey personality. An antique style wooden sign, for example, would be suitable for an old-fashioned neighbourhood pub. On the other hand, sleek acrylic or steel would work better for a modern tech company.

Choose a Name and Slogan

Brand building means that your business name must make that vital first impression. From social media pages and emails to logos and signage, a name should give clues about a brand’s personality. It can be a single unrelated word, such as Apple, or a phrase that describes your business, such as Susan’s Yarn Shoppe.

Brand builds love slogans. Is there something unique about your business that would make a memorable slogan or tag line? A billboard or vehicle wrap can show your slogan to people who would otherwise not see it. “Organic foods that won’t break the bank” and “same-day computer repairs” are examples.

Design Your Brand Image

With a wide variety of available options, designing the look of your brand can be both fun and overwhelming. Choose colours and fonts that are relevant to your brand and that set you apart from your competitors. For example, an elegant script on a pale pink background would make an appropriate entrance sign for a high-end bridal shop. On the other hand, earth-toned window graphics create an outdoorsy image for a camping equipment store.

Be Consistent with Your Brand

When building a brand, use it consistently across your business. Logos, letterheads, webpages and signage should all be instantly recognisable. The logo and slogan that people see on a vehicle wrap should match what viewers see on your entrance signs and social media accounts.

Vehicle Signage done by Apex for Hasbuilt Projects

Whether exterior or interior, signage reminds viewers of your brand’s personality. Colours, fonts and logos should be as uniquely identifiable in hall wayfinding signs as they are on billboards. Signs, logos and website banners do not have to be exactly the same, but they should be similar enough to tie in with your brand. A consistent phrase or image, for example, should unmistakably represent your business.

We hope you enjoyed our helpful brand-build-guide.

Let Professionals Create the Right Signage

Remember, professional signage specialists can work with you throughout your brand build. You may want an eye-catching entrance sign or window film, or you may need to jazz up your displays and wayfinding signage. You might even want to use your vehicle in which case, vehicle wrapping is worth looking at.

A specialist will put your business in the best light while you are building a personal brand.

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