From the smallest to the largest, every business relies significantly on advertising. How will customers know who you are or what you do without good advertising? Yes, investing in the correct signage is an imperative marketing strategy for customers to grasp your business and make a great first impression. But with so many signage solutions on offer, it can be hard to decide. So, what are some of the most effective signage solutions to market your business? What are businesses doing nowadays that works? We’ve put together this list of some of our favourites to help you out!

Try out a unique solution

Why not try something new to help your business stand out from the crowd? The typical high street overhead storefront signs have worked well for years. Could something new work better?

If your business premises have lots of glass, why not try out our window films or graphics to get your point across? Or showcase your business when you’re out and about with graphics on your vehicle fleet. Check out our full range of services to find your perfect solution.

Choose the correct signage for your business

You may have a great street sign, but what good is this when you hardly get footpath traffic? It’s so important to pick the correct signage solution. If you’re just holding a temporary event or sale, you’ll want disposable signs, while you’ll want something more permanent and durable supplied for your main signage.

Whether it’s construction, office, retail or events, here at Apex signage, we have a range of signage solutions to suit all industries.

Use light

For a surefire way to continuously grab the attention of passersby, night and day, use light! Gone are the days of cheap, lacklustre buzzy neon – these days, light-up signs have become a finessed, beautiful, and professional way to pull in customers. A sign featuring your logo lit from the back is a great, dramatic way to showcase your business even when you’re closed, while a scrolling lightbox will allow you to spread the word about deals and news on even the most overcast days or darkest nights.

Choose the right words

Your sign may be beautiful, but what does it say? The whole point of signage is to display critical information to your business. But, while catching peoples’ eyes is imperative, it can be difficult for people to focus on the pertinent information quickly when there’s too much going on with your sign.

Limit your sign to your business’s name, logo, and contact information for the best results. If your sign needs to direct people where to go, feel free to add a small arrow. Keep details and diagrams in the same colour scheme or style as your logo or font.

Keep things minimal

In many industries, less is more. The same is true of signage. It’s vital to emphasise the main info you want your customer to notice.

One option is to keep your background as one uniform light or dark colour to make it easier and swifter for people to see your content. Let your content take up around 25% of the space of the sign and leave the majority for your background. This style will place a real emphasis on your logo, text, and other content. 

Use colours right

One of the main aspects of any brand’s identity is its colours. Think of Coca-Cola, internationally synonymous with the colour red. When they contrast their logo with the colour white, Coca-Cola creates a brilliant contrast that quickly grabs any viewer’s attention.

Just think how effective this is on a sign! Your logo against a plain white, black or grey background will look stunning. Minimise adding additional colours to the mix unless you’re using them to highlight a promotion or event. 

Pick the right size

Have you ever come across a store’s sign hanging right out into the street? While this is one way to put the business in your face, it’s always best to use the most appropriate sign. A smaller sign is best for people to view close up. Small signs like this are perfect for lots of detail and text, like a menu or list of services. You can still catch your customer’s eye by featuring your logo, large and prominent, at the top of the sign or by using a brightly coloured frame. 

Though they have more space than little ones, larger signs are only suitable for viewing from a distance, like across the street. You’ll have to use a small amount of large text and bright colours if you want people to notice your business.

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