An essential legal requirement on all Australian construction sites, signage is imperative to prevent workplace injuries and promote awareness of hazards around the site.

Yes, we need site safety signage. Where is the signage necessary? This article will detail all types of construction fence signage and lay out everything you need to know.

Why are safety signs necessary for construction sites?

Site safety signage is mandatory on any construction site in Australia. We use a wide variety of construction site signage in Australia. Site safety signage details all dangers and hazards to people entering the site. Worksite signage also lays out other information workers need to know.

Construction Site Health And Safety Message Rules Sign Board Sig
Construction site safety signage rules at site entrance.

Site safety signage should not be your sole line of defence against workplace hazards. Indeed, there’s no alternative to adequately trained workers. But worksite signage is essential to serve as an up-to-the-minute reminder for even the most seasoned construction workers. 

Construction site signage is also helpful for people who aren’t familiar with your construction site. This is one of the reasons why site safety signage has to be easy to understand. Worksite signage allows a person to make a split-second decision with simple graphics and words. Site safety signage should also be bright and durable, displayed in a prominent, visible place, and made from the most robust materials of the highest quality. 

It’s important to keep site safety signage clear and in good condition. After all, any obstruction of the sign’s message could have dire consequences.

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What are the different safety signs?

There are a few different classes of worksite signage used by businesses throughout Australia. These classes of site safety signage use different colours and shapes depending on how important they are for safety.

What are Mandatory Signs?

The first group is the Mandatory Signs. These signs detail a specific action that must take place in a particular area of your construction site. Mandatory signs may indicate actions such as; “hearing protection must be worn” or “head protection must be worn”. Mandatory construction site signage typically shows you how to protect yourself. This site safety signage features a white safety symbol in a blue circle on a white background with black text.

What are Prohibition Signs?

Then there are Prohibition Signs. As the name suggests, Prohibition Signs are construction site signage highlighting expressly prohibited actions. These actions range from innocuous, like “no entry” or “do not use mobile phones”, to the more dangerous “no naked flames” or “no smoking in this area”. Prohibition Signs are primarily white, with black text and a red circle containing the safety symbol with a red line through it.

What are Warning Signs?

You have likely also come across basic Warning Signs. Also often seen outside of construction signage, Warning Signs are yellow with a black triangle containing the warning symbol. This worksite signage boosts safety by making people aware of potential hazards and known hazards. One of the most common Warning Signs is “slippery when wet”, often seen as a yellow sign on wet floors. You may encounter site safety signage in other applications like “high voltage” or “forklift operating area”.

What are Fire Safety Signs?

Another essential piece of construction site signage is the Fire Safety signage. This site safety signage aids visitors or workers in quickly locating fire extinguishers and other safety equipment if a fire occurs. Standard fire safety signs are usually white on a red background, including the succinct “Fire extinguisher” or “Fire blanket”.

What are Emergency Information Signs?

More imperative site safety signage is Emergency Information Signs. Often illuminated or glowing in the dark, Emergency Information Signs help workers find the location of emergency facilities and equipment like first aid kits and emergency exits. Emergency Information Signs feature white text on a bright green background.

What are Danger Signs?

Another essential piece of construction site signage is Danger Signs. These signs warn workers, visitors and passersby of hazardous construction site goods that are likely to pose a threat to life. To get your attention, danger signs have a back-framed red oval with the word “DANGER” inside in bold white text before detailing the hazard in black text on a white background.

Other Construction Site Fence Signage

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