A smart retail business knows the key to success is flourishing sales. Advertising your business and driving profits through clever marketing should be at the core of your business plan. And, the importance of signage in a retail business is not to be understated.

What Is Retail Signage?

Retail signage is the first interaction your customer has with your brand and as such is hugely important to help your business ‘stand out in the crowd‘. Effective exterior retail signage works by enticing customers into your store rather than a competitor, builds brand awareness, customer loyalty but ultimately increase sales.

Retail signage is also any visual sign that gives you information, either internal or external. It comes in all forms, from illuminated street signs to displays cases on gondola ends.

So what are some of the main types of retail signage solutions that can really make a difference to a retail outlet?

Types Of Retail Signage

1. Exterior / Outdoor Signage

Arguably the most important signage in your store, exterior signage attracts potential customers and really helps “sell” your store to wandering the general public before they even consider walking in. Exterior signage can include many things, including :

  • The Store Brand / Name
  • Window Graphics
  • Pylon Signs
  • Deals and Offers

Exterior signage always works best when it’s memorable and large enough to read and to be able to draw attention from a distance. They should match your store aesthetic and be on-brand to give potential customers a clear message of what products you sell in your store.

To summarise, You may have the best retail store in the world, but if no one knows who you are, your sales will take a hit.

2. Promotional Signage

Next on the list is promotional or ‘persuasive’ signage. These consist of signs such as “for sale,” “one remaining,” or “buy now” messages, which helps entice customers into making a purchase they may have otherwise overlooked.

Promotional signage can also help draw customers into a store and towards the item you wish to sell. These often take the form of category posters, clip strips, shelf-talkers, labels, and pop-ups.

If you have additional stock you are trying to sell in-store, then this type of signage comes highly recommended!

To summarise: Both powerful and straight to the point, this type of retail signage can help make/boost additional sales, inform passing customers of potential deals through ‘discount’ or ‘bargain’ types of signs.

3. Directional / Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signs such as category header cards and banners help your customers to navigate around your store.

In supermarkets, for example, wayfinding signs point out where the various product categories are located. They also indicate where to find the cashier, bathrooms, or fitting rooms.

Learn more about wayfinding signage

To Summarise: Shoppers instinctively navigate stores using signage, and well-thought-out wayfinding signs will positively impact your customers’ experience.

4. Informational signage

Informational retail signage is used when there are more details to convey.

Examples of informational signage include membership cards, rewards systems, and invites to join a mailing list or social media.

To Summarise: These are signs that direct the customer to take action with several steps rather than using a single message to state a point.

5. Branded signage

It may seem counterintuitive to place signage from other brands around your store, but big brands bring in the customers.

Using a common technique called “brand recognition” you can effectively boost your own store by using familiar or ‘well established’ brands to help bolster your own sales.

Advertising popular brands in-store can also help bring in more sales by making your establishment more attractive.

6. Displays

Interior displays such as gondola ends, dump bins, point-of-purchase displays, and display cases allow a retailer to showcase their product to the consumer. Depending on where the display is placed in the store, it can have a different function. Exterior displays in shop windows attract the customer, while internal displays form part of promotional advertising.

The products you are showcasing are the main attraction here, but getting the message across is equally important. Merchandising messages should be short and to the point, allowing the product to do the talking.

Retail signage is a fundamental part of your store environment and should inform and direct your customers. Planning for signage should be central to your business plan. Getting your signage right requires strategic development and a specialist team to design and implement.

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